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Services Offered

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Equipment Rental 

  • Chrome Wranglers 

  • Pipe Wranglers

  • Pipe Racks 

  • Tank Rentals 

  • Containment Berms

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Why Pathfinder? 

  • More ASNT Level II Inspectors on your jobs results in higher quality work

  • Three (3) in-house engineers on staff working in the field and in the office

  • Efficiency is unparalleled

  • Customized equipment for more productivity

  • Self-sufficient contractor

  • No hassles, no oversight needed, just us doing our job

  • Design, build and operate in-field refacing equipment for all connections 

  • Unmatched safety and environmental record

  • DISA / PEC Premier / ISNetworld / Team Alert / Ariba / Rig Up  

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